Our Founder

Our Founder

Much like the children he supports, Tie Richards spent his childhood in foster care. He came out of the system as a single parent at 20 years old. When he dropped his 17-year-old son off at college, it dawned on him that if he was able to come out of the system, get educated, and see his children off to college, there must be a way to help others do the same.

Tie started the non-profit Kol-Pol™ Community Services Inc. in 1999. It was a way for him to recognize how fortunate he was and be able to give back to those in similar situations. He wanted his son to see that this is what you do when you're a good, responsible father, and wants you to know that when you donate or get involved with us, every penny of your money is being invested in the youth who need it.

I’m Tie! Being a former foster youth as well as an emancipated youth, When none of the programs that now exist today have started this Non- profit to serve those in and exiting the foster care system. Though persists of life I have been able to successfully arrive at this point in life to give back the knowledge of life that I’ve learned, so that foster and homeless youth can succeed.

As a vendor (child services) for the county, he is able to find kids that need assistance through schools, centers, boys and girls clubs, foster groups, and group homes. He goes directly to group homes and helps children there, and also connects with people that have reached out to him through church. Tie makes sure that foster parents are aware of his services before he enters a child's home.

Currently he offers seminars at many colleges and schools. Everything is case-by-case, but he is able to help displaced children maneuver through college life in order for them to be successful. We encourage schools and colleges to reach out to us for specific details regarding what he can offer their students. Contact us any time for more information.

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