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Projects looking for founding:

- Open an Encouragement Center by June 21st 2021

- Reconnecting foster kids with their biological parents in 2021

Chances of Success

We believe that success starts with comprehensive planning. We act as a role model and parental figure by taking our kids to colleges and getting them what they need to enroll and be successful in school. This hands-on mentoring and monitoring program ultimately teaches these teens how to "walk on their own." Our five-year plans include:

Choosing a School | Choosing a Major | Graduating On Time | Setting up Weekend Courses | Discovering Interests | Housing | Employment | Banking & Financial Services | Services for Teens with Children | Relationship Mentoring | Blended Family Mentoring

Mejorar las
posibilidades de éxito

Creemos que el éxito comienza con una planificación integral. Actuamos como un modelo a seguir y la figura de los padres llevando a nuestros hijos a las universidades y obteniéndoles lo que necesitan para inscribirse y tener éxito en la escuela. Este programa de tutoría y monitoreo práctico enseña a estos adolescentes a "caminar por su cuenta". Nuestros planes quinquenales incluyen:

La elección de una escuela | Elección de un comandante | Graduación a tiempo | Configuración de cursos de fin de semana | Descubrir intereses | Vivienda | Empleo | Servicios bancarios y financieros | Servicios para Adolescentes con Niños | Relación de Mentores | Mentores de familia mixta

Hello Beautiful 3FN Supporters!

We would like to invite you to Holman Church's Annual Black College Summit 2019! As we continue to provide tangible resources to our youth, this is a great opportunity for foster youth to meet admissions staff and students from remarkable HBCUs. Since only 3% of foster youth have historically graduated from a college or university, this event can help make a significant dent in that statistic. RSVP soon!


Current Projects

Right now we're looking for a building that can act as our "home base". We'll use it to teach people what's in each room of the "home" and learn the basics of taking care of themselves. Surviving and thriving on one's own depends on these essential skills. We'd like a single-family home or a warehouse up to 5,000 square feet. Please contact us if you have any connections to an available building or if you'd like to make a monetary donation. We are also working on opening up an afterschool program that monitors a child's attendance at school. Access to the program would require proof of attendance and punctuality to encourage kids to participate in school.

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