Dear Donors! Thank you for your encouragement and support though out the years, We are encouraged by all you do to help with the tremendous Task . We looking for a Building to open our Encouragement Center for our Foster youth to come anytime and get the assistance they need 24 /7 . We have been given a 5,000 dollar start! Our goal is 1,1000.00!

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Kol-Pol™ Community Services Inc.

We encourage the Youth to lead a life centered around the principles of empowerment, excellence, and growth, discovering the important aspects of life;

Kol-Pol™ Community Services Inc. is a youth mentor, liaison, parent, guidance counselor, foundation, and stepping stone for youth trying to get their lives on track. We focus on helping at-risk children through mentorship, education, and creating a five-year plan for the future. Opportunities may not be equal for everyone, but we strongly believe that everyone is equally capable with the right tools. With your help, we can continue to provide those tools to children who need them most.

In today's society, many underprivileged children lack essential support from their parents. We want to support them with whatever they need. Daily life skills, hygiene, and personal relationships are key areas of focus. This includes everything from managing a check book, paying bills, and going to college, to dressing, shopping, and shaving. Ultimately, your support means we'll help young men become men, young ladies become ladies, and older people become wiser people.

Mission Statement

We encourage the Youth to lead a life centered around the principles of empowerment, excellence, and growth, discovering the important aspects of life; personal growth, learning, contributing to society, and the development of talent. They will learn to revive admirable characteristics in others, such as character, education, principles centered morals, and values, while implementing similar characteristics in their own lives, while learning to recognize their strengths and developing talents as people, who are communicators, confident, hardworking and optimistic, constantly striving to transform their weaknesses into strengths, envisioning themselves becoming productive participants of society.

KOLPOL5 "Foster Care to Self Care"

The podcast covers the challenges of moving from the foster care system to providing for yourself.

Understanding how less prepared you really are for life, self-care, and most importantly a stable living environment. Also, we have former foster youth who are now adults living and have families, careers, and homes, as well as those who have regular lives. The podcast will be hosted by Tie who himself was a former foster youth, emancipated youth, and Teen parent and was released into society in the early 1980s with no parents to return to! We learn how to transition from Foster Care to Self Care through our guests and other speakers.

Helping At-Risk Youth
Reach Their Potential

How can a child grow up to be successful if they are not taught what success truly is? At Kol-Pol™ Community Services Inc., we don't just strive for success, we strive for significance. We believe that every child, no matter their background, has the potential to be a significant contributor to a better world. With your generous support, we want to get our kids off of the streets and positively influence their development. Our goal is to teach foster-care and at-risk youth the skills they need to make it to college and prepare for their future.


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Tax ID number: 954793424

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